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Survival or Flexibility?

I’ve never been much for choosing a word for each new year, but life seems to throw us enough curveballs that I’ve worked very hard to develop flexibility. Flexibility transforms survival into flourishing.

When Flatwater Muse was just a daydream I thought I’d start out very organized with a plan and a schedule. I’ve quickly learned that art and creativity don’t like to be fenced in. That’s where that flexibility comes in.

My first collaboration with Artful Angel is still a work in progress. Thankfully Charis and I have been friends for a very long time, so we have loads of time to work together. As she’s an artist herself she’s more than patient.

I dove into a special project this month and will be sharing it very soon. It’s a bit of a surprise for a wonderful friend. Wait until you see it! I’ve also discovered the beautiful world of Chenille-It.

I am blessed to have a husband (Lynn) who is a kind and generous man. He’s also a supportive friend and partner. Not only has he been great about adding our sweet Hamish to the family (what a fantastic disruption!) but he’s been so patient as my daydream has become a reality. It’s been so much fun to see Piper and Hamish become best friends and they are a constant source of inspiration. (I’ve posted some photos. “Puppy buts drive me nuts!”) I might even develop a dog project.

To keep my fabric and projects far from dog hair my studio is in the basement. The dogs refuse to go downstairs (fraidy cats!) which is great. Lynn has graciously agreed with my plan to expand the studio, and I’ll finally have space to film and photograph projects. Can’t wait to share.

Well, I think I’ve nattered on long enough. I’ll leave this here for now. It’s time to get cozy for the evening.

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