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Why Flatwater Muse?

The word Nebraska comes from the Sioux word describing the Platte River - Flat Water. There's something about the wide open spaces in Nebraska that inspires big ideas. She is my muse - my Flatwater Muse.

15 years ago we drove East from Seattle to spend some time in my husband's home town of Lincoln. We thought it was a temporary stay. Then we found the sweetest little house and made good friends.

Suddenly we were putting down roots and this was our community. Over the years we've met so many creative, talented people and I now find myself exploring possibilities in fabric arts. My studio is my laboratory, my gallery and my place to dream. Like a kid in a candy store I sit among the beautiful colors and prints and my imagination runs wild.

I want to share this journey with you. It may just be that you want to drop in to see what I'm working on. Maybe you want a perfect pillow or cozy quilt to add to your home or give to a friend. You might even just want to browse incredible fabrics and dream up a project of your own.

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